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Sheriff Says Murder of Florida Doctor Doesn't Appear Random

Were murdered doctors being targeted because of alternative health solutions?

The recent news about holistic doctors who have gone missing and even murdered are absolutely chilling to read. If conspiracy theories are to be believed, then it means there is a sinister attempt by big pharmaceutical companies...

To keep alternative health solutions out of reach from the masses.

Dr. Teresa Sievers

According to CBS News, 46-year-old Teresa Sievers, a popular southwest Florida doctor known for her holistic approach to health, was found dead in her Bonita Springs home on June 29th.

While no arrests have been made, Lee County Sheriff Mike Scott believes that the murder was not random.

Meanwhile NBC 2 is reporting that Sievers' death may be linked to the deaths of two other doctors who practiced a more natural approach to healing.

Doctors Jeff Bradstreet and Bruce Hedendal both died within weeks of each other back in June.

Dr. Jeff Bradstreet

An accomplished autism researcher, Dr. Bradstreet was found with a gunshot wound to his chest. Police concluded that the gunshot wound was self-inflicted, but Dr. Bradstreet's family suspects foul play.

Dr. Bruce Hedendal

67 year old Dr. Hedendal was found dead in his car with no explanation. Friends said he was in great physical shape for his age.

There are also reports that both doctors had been contacted by federal authorities in the days leading up to their deaths, due to their unconventional treatments. What's more puzzling is that on the same day Dr. Bradstreet's body was found (June 19), three medical professionals in Mexico's southwest Guerrero state vanished without a trace.

If the conspiracy theories about these murdered/missing doctors turn out to be true, then it wouldn't be the first time that Big Pharma has been embroiled in a conspiracy involving medical professionals recommending alternative health solutions.

Back in the 1960s, Dr. Robert Atkins (of Atkins Diet fame) temporarily lost his license after he publicly reported that he had completely cured a woman's breast cancer. His license was reinstated only after the public rallied and forced the New York Medical Board to do so.

Yet the Medical Board only did so on the condition that Dr. Atkins agreed to stop using, or publicly encourage the use of his cure. So why is Big Pharma going to such lengths to try and stop medical professionals from revealing these alternative therapies?


It's just not profitable for Big Pharma.

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