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Japanese Nobel Prize Winner Discovers “Cannibal” Cells

- Feared to Be the Biggest Cause of Chronic Disease Among Boomers

Decades of groundbreaking research into yeast cells may have revealed the secret to preventing many causes of ill health and even how to delay the aging process.

Unless you brew your own beer, yeast likely isn’t a hot topic of interest. Yet for the Japanese cell biologist Dr Yoshinori Ohsumi(pictured above) it’s been an obsession for three decades.

His passion has now been rewarded with a Nobel prize in Medicine for his discovery of “self eating” cells. It’s hoped his discovery may lead to a new generation of medications that can defuse the time bomb of chronic ill health among the Boomer generation.

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The Way our Cells Recycle Themselves Goes Haywire

What Dr Ohsumi discovered is that yeast cells have a process for cannibalizing or recycling themselves as they decay. The good parts are stripped out and reused to make new cells while the waste parts are broken down and sealed in membranes, like garbage sacks, before being discarded as waste.

The whole process is known as “autophagy”, which literally means "self eating" in Greek.

Autophagy is a vital process for our survival. It helps get rid of cells that become cancerous, it wards off infection and helps protect against conditions like diabetes and heart disease.

But what Dr Ohsumi also discovered is that due to the high level of toxins we ingest every day the autophagy system is prone to go haywire.

When it stops working properly, cells start cannibalizing each other at an accelerated rate. Healthy cells are eliminated, while decaying cells are replicated. Which then results in increased risk of infectious disease, immune disease and even cancer.

What Happens When the Autophagy Process Stops Working

Dr Ohsumi’s research revealed that if the autophagy system stops working properly it can result in:

   Premature aging

   Heart Disease

   Skeletal weakness

   Type 2 diabetes

   Cognitive decline

However, there is good news.

His research also revealed a way of encouraging the autophagy process to work more effectively. This has given other scientists a platform on which to find new and better treatments for ALL types of human diseases.

“It is super exciting that autophagy has been recognized in and of itself...this fundamental process would ultimately be shown to be so important in disease mechanisms and potential therapies.” - Kay F. Macleod(pictured above), a cancer researcher at the University of Chicago

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